Academy of Sound Engineering: Questions We Often Get Asked

The Academy of Sound Engineering is a leading sound engineering school in South Africa and has been training students since 1997. An institution that prides itself in equipping future sound engineers with the skill sets to work in various sectors of the music industry, the campus is located at the SABC, South Africa’s central broadcasting hub further enhancing one’s opportunities as a future audio professional.

The Academy of Sound Engineering, or ASE as they are fondly known, have kindly furnished us with some of the most commonly asked questions they get from future students and their parents…

Is there a minimum entrance requirement to study at the Academy of Sound Engineering?

The minimum requirement is a South African Senior Certificate pass. In other words a Matric Certificate. But for certain specialist qualifications do have additional subject requirements.

What are the career options like after I’ve qualified?

Studying at the Academy of Sound Engineering covers more than just the technical aspects of audio engineering. Focus is also placed on the business elements of working in this industry. Modules such as Law, Contracts, Marketing and Small Business Management are essential components to the overall curriculum. Aside from full time employment in the industry there are also many students who choose to work for themselves or freelance once qualified, and these business skills are essential to creating well-rounded and qualified graduates.

I’m keen to study audio engineering at ASE. What’s the next step?

A comforting fact about the Academy of Sound Engineering is that they start the process with an application interview which they prefer to do face-to-face. This interview is to ensure that they have informed you, as a potential student, everything about the campus, the course and the industry you are about to enter. It is a priority, they say, to make sure future students are well informed and therefore mentally equipped and ready to study with the academy. Depending on the qualification applied for, the interview could include an aptitude test as well. To arrange an interview email: or phone 011 482 9200.

How much are the course fees?

The course fees vary, depending on what you want to study as the Academy of Sound Engineering offers both part time and full time courses. Even the full time course fees could vary depending on what you wish to major in. It’s best to email or call them to get the full breakdown.

Is the Academy of Sound Engineering accredited with the Department of Higher Education?

Indeed we are! ASE is Accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and all of their qualifications are accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This is a very important question and one that every potential student should find out, no matter where or what you wish to study. Without accreditation your qualification simply does not carry the same weight in the industry.

Okay I’m interested. What courses do ASE offer?

Here is a list of the courses on offer: