Wild & Marr Console Training at ASE

Wild & Marr, the official distributors of Soundcraft products in South Africa, paid The Academy of Sound Engineering (ASE) a visit today to train our 3rd year Live Sound students on the Soundcraft Vi1000 console.

“The Vi1000 digital mixing console represents the culmination of the groundbreaking achievements and rich feature set offered by Soundcraft’s acclaimed Vi Seriesnow in a more compact form factor. The reduced footprint of the Vi1000 makes it ideal for smaller touring projects, rental companies, corporate AV applications, as well as music venue and theatre installations in search of a versatile digital mixer.” – Soundcraft

Wild & Marr’s Soundcraft trainers hosted two training sessions for our students today, the first from 09:00 to 12:00 and the next from 14:00 to 17:00. An in-depth breakdown of the Vi1000 console’s functionality, features and technology was met with enthusiasm and great interest from the students. One of these functions is the Vistonics II Functionality:

Vistonics II Functionality

Central to the Vi1000’s intuitive design is the Vistonics II ‘knobs-on-glass’ user interface. With Vistonics II, each control is always clearly labelled as to its function, despite their assignable nature. The functions are colour coded and use icons to clearly indicate the parameter being adjusted – whether it’s a signal level, filter frequency, or attack/release time. A simple touch of the screen is all it takes to access all the parameters associated with a particular channel strip.

Here are some of the awesome features of this console:

Flexible And Expandable I/O

The Vi1000’s comprehensive I/O system provides a total of 212 x 212 simultaneous inputs and outputs. These comprise 16 channels of on-board HQ mic pre-amps, 16 on-board line outs 2 pairs of AES/EBU inputs and outputs and a 64ch MADI and Dante recording interface. In addition, two double expansion card slots provide industry standard audio networking protocol support and stagebox connection.

Dante Networking Is Standard

Dante networking – the uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology with near-zero latency and synchronization – is standard issue on the Vi1000. This interface provides an instant connection to the popular, industry standard audio networking protocol and makes recording and virtual sound check tasks quick and easy.

Built-In BSS DPR901II Dynamic EQ Processing

For years, the BSS DPR901II dynamic equalizer has been known for its superior performance. While this classic analogue audio problem solver has been imitated by all BSS’ competitors, none have matched the overall quality of the original. Onboard Soundcraft Vi consoles, users will find the only officially approved digitally modelled version of the original – further contributing to this console’s superior audio performance.

vMIX Automatic Microphone Mixing For Stress-Free Dialogue Mixing

With the Vi1000’s included vMIX Automatic Microphone Mixing capability, engineers can automatically mix up two separate groups of up to 16 microphones in conference or theatrical applications to free up hands or reduce the number of snapshots needed to control ambience in multi-mic speech applications.

Proven Electronic And Mechanical Design For Rock-Solid Reliability

The Vi1000 incorporates the same electronics and mechanical frame design found in the larger Vi consoles. The benefit? Proven road-worthy performance and reliability. We realize a digital console is a serious investment and, hence, expectations are high. The Vi1000 – like all Soundcraft Vi Series mixing consoles – is designed to deliver unparalleled performance.

Our students had the chance to get hands-on time with the console to get a feel of the workflow, features and functionality of this great product. All of their questions were answered in detail and the information they received only got them more excited about the console and working in the Live Audio industry.

ASE would like to thank Wild & Marr for this chance to experience the Vi1000 as it would (and should) be used in the field!

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Product details sourced from Soundcraft. For more info click here: Soundcraft.